A Caribbean island with multiple landscapes and varied activities

You have rented your luxury villa and are wondering what to do during your vacation?

For those who want sun, discover the most beautiful beaches just minutes from the Palm Villas.

And for the more curious, go hiking, admire the waterfalls and go swimming with turtles. Tourism in Martinique will fill you with the diversity of its activities but also by a culinary and cultural discovery.

The Vauclin & its Surroundings

The Vauclin

The Palm Villas are 3 km from Vauclin. A charming village turned towards artisanal fishing and agriculture.

In the village you will find several essential shops and also a bakery, facing the seafront

In the village you will find several essential shops and also a bakery, facing the seafront. The vegetable market of Vauclin is inevitable. You will have the chance to discover the local products, while smelling the spices on the shelves of our charming 'comforters'. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice, they are very welcoming and will be happy to exchange with you.

If you want fresh fish, visit the fishermen, also in the village. Discover the different species of fish and do not miss a beautiful attraction that will immerse yourself in the habits of the inhabitants of Vauclin.

Side sports attractions discover the ballad of small Granada, in just 2 hours, crisscross a pleasant path along the Atlantic coast with beautiful landscapes. The 'little more', enjoy swimming in the bay of Petite Grenade, a little paradise unknown to tourists and ideal for a picnic.

And for the more athletic, go to the Vauclin Mountain, nicknamed 'Calvary'. Admire the highest point of the southern part of Martinique in a short ascent immersed in lush vegetation.

François and Robert

These two towns are lined with islets that you can connect by kayak. Alternatively, rent a motor boat without a license and sunbathe in Joséphine's bath. Admire more than turquoise water and magnificent seabed.


The A. 1710 distillery A few minutes from the Palm Villas, discover a plantation of organic sugar cane in a beautiful house completely renovated and in a green setting. more information: read our article

Clement's House Dive into the heart of history by visiting the Clément dwelling. Considered as one of the jewels of the cultural heritage of Martinique, you will appreciate the estate, the botanical garden, the facilities of the old distilleries but especially the tasting!

The HSE home In the commune of Gros Morne, visit a remarkable distillery and enjoy rums often rewarded with a silver and gold medal. This house is worth seeing!

The Atlantic Coast

Going up, you will discover Tartane and Trinité , an exquisite village with a sublime landscape. The sportier ones will be delighted to discover the hike of the peninsula of the Caravelle, one of the most beautiful sites of Martinique, with the tormented relief, passing sometimes by the Atlantic coast, then by the forests and the undergrowth and finally by the calm of the mangrove.

Always further north admires the Tombolo of Sainte Marie, a real curiosity of nature. This language of sand connects the beach to the Sainte Marie islet. You will have the chance to walk between January and May before seeing it disappear between June and December. For lovers of rum, it will be the opportunity to visit the distillery of Saint James, which is still active and produces more than 3 million liters of rum a year.

Further north, in Basse Pointe, known for the Martinique Surf Pro competition , it will also be an opportunity to visit the waterfall of the gorges of the cliff and especially the distillery JM one of the most authentic of the island

The Caribbean Coast

North Caribbean side, Anse Couleuvre is unavoidable. A black sand beach and crystal-clear water. It will also be the chance to discover the waterfall of Anse Couleuvre, more than 120 m in lush vegetation.

Nature lovers will be fully satisfied when they undertake the hike that connects the town of Grand Riviere to the Precheur. A long walk of 6 hours in a wet and abundant vegetation through an authentic forest. The return is made in a fishing boat with breathtaking views of the Anse à Voile, Anse Lévrier and Anse la Celle.

Going down along the Caribbean coast, you will have the chance to discover the town of Saint Pierre , full of history since the volcanic eruption of 1902. And especially, for the more seasoned, the ascent of the Mount Peleethat you will offer in good weather a breathtaking view of the towns bordering the Caribbean coast.

At Carbet, you can visit the Neisson distillery and spend pleasant moments in the restaurants on the beach.

South Caribbean

Further south, in Anses d'Arlet for example, you will love swimming with turtles, pass your level I dive or bask on the terrace feet in the sand. You will have the choice between the beach of Petite Anse, the beach of the village or the beach of Grande Anse.

It would be a shame not to stop at the beaches of Anse Noire and Anse Dufour, jewels of Martinique. We advise you to go early in the morning to enjoy these peaceful little coves with turquoise waters and beautiful underwater walks.

Along the coast, you will meet the common Diamand, known for its rock that you can admire all along the passage on the coast. The more athletic can walk the Morne Larcher, which will offer a sublime view of the Diamond Rock, others appreciate the beach that extends over 4 km.

Further, in Sainte Luce you will be spoiled for choice between the various beaches that follow one another along the coast. From the village, discover the Anse de Pont Café, the Anse Désert, Corps de Garde, Fond Larrion etc ...

Enjoy stopping for lunch in one of the restaurants of the beaches or in the village, in restaurants chicer.

At Marin, you can leave from the Marina for a day on a Catamaran or go to the market to buy your local fruits and vegetables. Several shops will allow you to find everything you need.

Finally, in Sainte Anne you will have the chance to discover beautiful beaches in the postcard landscape! Cap Chevalier, the Pointe Marin beach or the beach of Salines.

We have given you a brief summary of activities and towns to visit in Martinique. Being at the Palm Villas, you will have the chance to be located on a strategic point, far from the tourist concentration and the gates of North and South.

And if you have any questions, we will be available throughout your stay to advise you according to your desires.